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March 2013

On UX: “Visceral Apps and You” — /via @gruber

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@riffraff I wouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes trying fixing that.

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RT @iA: “This the lowercase g at 24pt Georgia. It’s all a bit hidden, hence the guys painting.”

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Short film of design leg­ends Richard Meier and Mas­simo Vignelli — /via @AisleOne

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Fantastic post about Firefox UI pollution: “Checkboxes that kill your product” —

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So good! “Rock Hammer, a curated, responsive project library” —

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We are attracted by absolutes and slogans: “The best design is invisible”. Well, it’s not that simple. —

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RT @elliotjaystocks: I wrote up some thoughts on Google Reader’s demise: ‘Beware the free, invisible service’ —

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Interesting ALA article: “They Keep Using That Word” —

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@Folletto FYI: I’ve just read it on Reeder for Mac. :)

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reederapp Don’t worry, Reeder won’t die with Google Reader.

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Bad news: “Powering Down Google Reader”. —

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AisleOne A first look at the redesigned @nytimes articles. Can’t wait to check them out. Looking good @ianadelman.

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Sort of a joke: Seattle dive-bar bans Google Glass —

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Mozilla to Mobile OSes: Fox You. —

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In 2013 it’s still not possible to repost an #Instagram picture, so you end up to see stuff like this:

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Just pushed! Starkers 320: a mix of WordPress Starkers theme and 320 and Up mobile-first boilerplate —

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iA “Yes, you read that correctly: you could have different grids based on the languages for international websites”

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johnmaeda Design is now driving technology forward. via @nytimes

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