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February 2013

From the “meh” department: Google Chromebook.

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albinholmqvist aaah…when clients call ‘whitespace’ ‘deadspace’

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Folletto Spot the differences: the icon of Passbook and the icon of Google Drive:

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jasonsantamaria Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda’s 1970 NYC Transit Authority manual is online! /HT @gary_hustwit

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Now reading: “Implementing Off-Canvas Navigation For A Responsive Website” —

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The Twitter’s #hashtag is really a stroke of genius. It’s the hyperlink for the masses.

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Great stuff: Font Awesome —

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simplebits Absolutely loving this project on @dribbble by @thebeast_isback for a variety of reasons:

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This will help to bring back some sanity to the whole “infauxgraphics” matter: “Three charts are all I need” —

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Seeing the light after much struggle: web site home page finally put together.

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I love these details: “The Rise of Bounding Asterisks in Lieu of Italicization for Styling Text” —

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“Instagram Filters as Photoshop Actions” —

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@Folletto *Sigh*, no open design positions in London.

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Great productivity tip: “Stop Screwing Around At 90% Complete And Finish The Damn Thing”—

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