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January 2013

What a great idea: a forum with a few sub-forums where admins spend days to move topics around, warning users to post on the correct forum.

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A List Apart RSS feed is now full of new stuff. There’s a relaunch in the air.

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Great post about app icons design —

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tomcreighton Flat UI is not the only way forward:

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iA Kindle Paper White: No need for 6 fonts that render badly—just give me 1 that renders well. And that justified text—don’t you see the holes?

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It’s here folks: “The Post-PSD Era”

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behoff Impressive backside of @MailChimp

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Good points: “The responsive web will be 99.9% typography” —

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espiekermann The largest FF Meta numbers I have seen:

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OMG. Just yesterday I was reading his “Who runs Wikipedia” essay: “Aaron Swartz commits suicide” —

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iA In the last few months, Web Design has changed from playing chess with friends to playing pro chess.

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Ouch, I’ve just noticed this June 2012 post by @iA: “Responsive Typography: The Basics” —

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3D is good only for games. Deal with it. Do you remember “Looking Glass” UI from Sun? “It’s official: 3D is dead” —

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vpieters Interesting read on why lightboxes don’t work for small screens by @brad_frost. Conditional Lightbox:

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I wasn’t aware of these projects: and Both uses Markdown syntax.

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Ignore details early on —

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themadray If Twitter was around 50 years ago and used by the design greats - Imgur

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@iPaintCode Indeed now we are in danger to abuse CSS3 – It’s up to us designers to not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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“I really miss Flash intros on web sites!” — No one

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I just can’t get enough of Beyoncé web site. Even news headlines are gorgeous:

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Python library to read contents of Safari Reading List. —

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H_FJ Designers, fancy a trip to Italy this June? Registration is now open for the excellent Legacy of Letters workshop.

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Interest comments on the future of social networking: “Tenth Grade Tech Trends” —

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