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September 2012

@Folletto Interesting thought. Care to elaborate?

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Dang! Tim Cook apologizes to iOS 6 Maps users —

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Yet another attempt to make the site relevant again: “Myspace Remains Immortal” —

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ilariamauric che meraviglia l’infografica di @angelamorelli per spiegare il concetto di Virtual Water:

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“ I Wish This App Looked The Same On All Platforms”, Said No One, Ever

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That Flagged smart mailbox idea comes from the new Mail in iOS 6. It’s just weird how ideas propagate.

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Just occurred to me that I can create a Flagged smart mailbox in Apple Mail instead of hunting down messages between inbox, archived, sent.

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@mreow Just briefly used those. Terrain view in my area is more detailed.

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Now running iOS 6.

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FJP - Apple avoids the temptation of jetpack design

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RT @iA: A Former iPhone UI Designer Defends Apple’s Fake-Leather Design Philosophy

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RT @iA: New logo for ebazzzzz…

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We updated the Pomodoro Technique website, it feels lighter and more organized now. Have a look:

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Do you remember “Project Spartan” from Facebook? A great way to waste 2 years of development time. —

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tvdubs “Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.” @vignelli #BNConf (via @brainpicker)

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espiekermann Time to dump wireframes: … and work differently, like @edenspiekermann: via @edoch

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khoi Designer Matt Steel of @Metagramme “repents” on the print-centric approach to iPad magazine apps.

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stko Oh, only at Apple.

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whitneyhess New blog post: When a Design Firm Fails

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