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May 2012

@riffraff I hate those buttons. I think that should be the browser to take care of tweet/like/+1 the current viewed page.

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Oh those cute social buttons! “Sweep the Sleaze” —

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Just bought Coda 2, Mac App Store edition. Version 2 imported all sites and prefs from previous version. —

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khoi Personally not digging the ticket designs for London 2012 Olympics.

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hoyboy A metaphorical video detailing @pentagramdesign’s 40 years. This is how you show your portfolio!

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Yes! Coda 2 on May 24th —

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The new UI icons on Github? Messy.

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ngw I will track these PHP guys down and make them pay.

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We are now seeing a series of specialized Pinterest clones while the original one is losing users.

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RT @khoi: Quick blog post: Daniel Hooper’s prototype for how to significantly speed up typing on an iPad.

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