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April 2012

Linking Park’s “Burn it down” is a typographical horror. All caps? Is that Trajan? And look at that apostrophe!

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Just figured out how to delete a comment on #Instagram: just swipe horizontally on the comment. Let’s talk about hidden features.

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Cool typography on Rihanna’s “You da One” —

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Damn you WordPress! <input type=”submit” …/> on the comment_form template. How about a <button> element?

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rnorgan If you’re curious, I haven’t met a designer that uses an Android as their main phone.

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For your typographic pleasure, Neue Haas Grotesk:

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imjustcreative Link: Does a large x-height make fonts more legible? by Ralf Herrmann

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AisleOne QR code fail.

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flyosity There’s a special place in hell for people who write JavaScript to pop lightboxes but don’t hide them when you hit the escape key.

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loreleiberis 12 Deadly Grammatical Errors Startups Must Avoid

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Normalize.css is a real godsend when you have to style forms. Period.

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Hicksdesign For those folk that use Photoshop, Layer cake looks like a jolly handy tool:

I’m an Illustrator/Sketch/Acorn man tho!

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That super fast browser called #Firefox is starting… starting… starting… started!

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acangiano Instagram has no revenue and no concrete business model. Yet, in Silicon Valley’s math, it’s worth $1 billion dollars. Amusing, isn’t it?

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Good summary on new 5.1 UI of iPhone lock screen: “Apple’s Highest Priority Is Obviousness”

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tokiwoki Blog post: Fluid Corners, a window UI idea

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RT @beautifulpixels: Startups, this is how design works —

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