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March 2012

Note to self: learn more about Paper app for iPad.

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How will serve retina images to new iPads —

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Dear #Apple, what about to be able to share a YouTube link via iMessage too?

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Hopefully one fine day browsers will support char and charoff attributes in tables.

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simplebits Holy wow. CS6 appears to have improved so many gripes. Layer group styles, strokes on paths, group clipping masks, etc.

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@mreow Never heard it before. I’ll check that out.

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vpieters The most common patterns for #responsive layouts documented by @lukew

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VLC 2.0.0 on Mac tends to crash a lot.

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@ilariamauric Senza tanti giri di parole: in caso di fallimento ti attacchi al proverbiale tram.

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Oh my gosh! “iPhoto’s Mystery Meat Gestures” —

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Malarkey I now know why big business CMSs cost so much. They charge for all the class and id attributes!

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RT @jth__: This is why UX/UI design is so fascinating… “What’s the waiter doing with the computer screen?” /via @ …

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flyosity Great article on why the iPad may simply be unbeatable.

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vpieters Ever wondered how the CSS Animations Work on the iPhone 4S Sales Page? The answer is pretty clever:

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Got this e-mail from Github: “Action Required - SSH Key Vulnerability”. Did you receive that too?

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So the Galaxy Note uses a stylus. Interesting. Perhaps it could work… on a parallel universe.

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dustinwilson Now this is what Adobe used to do best: making tools to solve problems instead of making tools that create problems

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I‘m wondering why Safari on Mac fails to handle tel: protocol (404) while Mobile Safari asks to place a call.

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While we wait for iPad 3: “Please Steal These webOS Features” —

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