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July 2011

Folletto The “Right” Scrolling direction and Lion “Natural” scrolling, a bit of history and cognitive psychology:

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@hoppo Nope. Unfortunately I haven’t any good news regarding it.

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More often then not when I Google for some programming topic I end up on site. Amazing community.

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I need to test it further but it looks like “-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased” stopped working in new Safari 5.1.

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Safari 5.1 loads sites FASTER (PUSSYCAT KILL KILL!) #apple

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Introducing Bikini: an open-source, personal wiki application:

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@ilariamauric A quando i saldo+movimenti come *prima* cosa che vedo nell’area privata? E i caratteri più grandi. Sognamo! /cc @finecolive

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I love Wikipedia but its page design with tiny type, boring colors and inelegant typography makes me a little sad.

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Oh my, Firefox 6 beta for Mac?

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stain domani potremo chiedere all’AGCOM di oscurare i principali giornali italiani (ci inventiamo un motivo qualsiasi) tanto x vedere cosa succede

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Note to self: do not reinvent the wheel.

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