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January 2011

jasonsantamaria Michael Bierut on strict upbringings, modernism, and embracing your influences. Insightful as always:

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Grande Italia! “Expo di Shanghai, il sito da un milione (e quattro) di euro” —

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@michelegera Thank you, I’ve totally missed it. I was expecting a new “draft 11” release. :)

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Oh damn, Reeder beta is just expired. Let’s hope for an update today.

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Too bad that on Mac OS X the Lucida Grande typeface doesn’t include true italics.

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New Passiomatic ( reboots with CSS fluid grids (using and some funky transitions.

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zetareticoli I’m reading “About Face 3, essentials of interaction design”. I recommend it to all webdesigners, and developers too. #ixd

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Folletto The first question in any design should always be: “Why is the client asking me to do that?” - The answer could be not so obvious. ;)

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Finally Skype 5 for Mac is out of beta, and if you try “Check for updates…” it doesn’t tell you so.

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I have published Feedhub source code. A simple Python script which aggregates *valid* Atom/RSS feeds.

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giovannibajo EuroPython 2011 in Florence is coming! Official website just launched! #python #ep2011

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simurai Something you should keep an eye on: The little details can indeed be big. /via @maboa

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After update the Twitter icon for Mac changed, *again*.

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flyosity An excellent article by AppleInsider on iPad 2’s high resolution screen and its impact on user interface design:

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zinanni Grazie a @passiomatic per il bellissima grafica del nuovo sito di EuroPython. Non vedo l’ora che sia online.

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@zinanni Grazie mille. Let the hype begins!

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Malarkey counter-reset: paras 0; Who knew? Thanks @andywalpole!

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Don’t miss this: “Daring Fireball: Uniformity vs. Individuality in Mac UI Design” —

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Skype’s “Don’t Auto-Lock ON” setting still confuses me. Never ever use negation while labeling a preference setting.

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zeldman Own Your Data - partial reconstruction of @zeldman/@t discussion on self-hosting your Twitter content.

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RT @espiekermann: If you’re looking for typographic inspiration, check Shows fonts by category, like Mood, Per …

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iA The difference between UI design and UX design? Check out Xianhang Zhang’s answer:

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I have enough of adding noise fx to flat colors. I’m not doing it in 2011. I promise.

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@theleagueof As fallback for League Gothic usually I use Arial Narrow. Yes, I know, it’s less than optimal :)

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Twitter 2 for Mac is here!

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Don’t do it! http://www.outlinenone.c…. Please read and then check your CSS reset stylesheet.

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behoff Must see site of the day goes to… http://nikebetterworld.c… Simply beautiful!

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