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December 2010

Quick tip. How to update copyright year in Wordpress: <?php echo date(‘Y’); ?>

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bastet </2010>

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A nostalgic thought for 2011: Am I the only one to marvel at how flexible, efficient and simple the good old plain text e-mail are?

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RT @verbosus: Luciano Perondi’s typeface for Il Sole 24 Ore (the premiere Italian economic newspaper) is a must-see: http://www.molotro. …

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Doing the traditional end of the year backup.

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Seth Godin and the JetBlue web site: And I thought I was the only one to hate entering dates with pull down menus!

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Buon Natale a tutti! Merry Xmas to everyone!

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Finished Paul Arden’s “It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be”. It’s wit, buy it. —

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Hilarious: “Comic Sans Criminal” — http://www.comicsanscrim…

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Cannot keep up with @24ways this year. Shame on me.

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@ilariamauric “È bellissimo” — Manuela Arcuri

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Why I cannot pinch-to-zoom in iPhone Camera app? #fail

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For me Delicious will be replaced by starred items in Reeder and Twitter.

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@Folletto Two big eyes, like Disney used to do. :)

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Weird: Creative Review — “Vogue on Vogue”

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Impressed by Reeder for Mac so far: I’ve never seen a “draft” version of an app looking so good and working so smoothly /cc @reederapp

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@gravityblast Facebook and Twitter are mutually exclusive. :)

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Mmm, interesting: there is some ongoing work to extract the *unofficial* Instagram API:…

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Exported feeds from NewsFire to Google Reader and then installed Reeder on iPhone and MacBook. Now my feeds are sync’d. :)

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micampe The hardest part of driving in San Francisco is trying to stay off the Bay Bridge.

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Yes, it does! “CSS: CamelCase Seriously Sucks!” —…

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behoff Looking for alternatives to Georgia? @typedia has you covered:

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God bless the Photoshop “overlay” blend mode.

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AisleOne If Photoshop is running like a hog in mud on a hot summer day, then try changing these 6 settings for better performance.

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“The 15 Biggest Flops In Tech For 2010” — http://www.businessinsid…

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flyosity When you design a text input area to look like an outward-popped button you’re committing a crime against usability.

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