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November 2010

kylemeyer A million times this:… #webtype

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@junecloud, what about to update Delivery Status OSX widget to support newly launched Thank you in advance.

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RT @stain: Pervasive UX (il tramonto dell’immagine coordinata) [AM blog]

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espiekermann Alternatives to common fonts: Instant gratification for bored designers.

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Cool: “A visual history of the credit card” — /via @mikeindustries

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lmea I misteri di internet: la posta elettronica

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Death can be beautiful: “Designing for the Dead” —…

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On Jobs as designer: “Steve Jobs: The Top & Bottom” —…

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drawar What an interesting little concept on how to do a book online. http://www.20thingsilear…

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khoi Wired: Why making dinner is a good idea

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/me WANT! “Upcoming djay for iPad - Taking Full Advantage of iOS 4.2 Audio Features” —

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@acangiano Antimatter is cool. Thanks for sharing!

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acangiano Antimatter atoms produced and trapped at CERN:

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Finally I can archive Gmail messages within Apple Mail. There’s a plug in for that, but I cannot recall where I downloaded it.

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Già il titolo è strepitoso. Giulio Cittato: poster per “Nuove tendenze italiane nella creazione di immagini” —

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Hey graphic designers, don’t miss “The” project —

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@gravityblast Searched for “Buddy Holly” by Weezer today. Instalyrics kicks ass. :)

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vllg RT @underware Forget Skrivekugle, forget QWERTY, forget T9, forget Swype. Here’s 8pen.

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Dear #Apple, I wish Safari had better UI handling to show files download progress. Using a separate window feels so… dated.

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@Folletto That’s a great advice. Thanks.

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Am I big enough to think big? That’s the problem.

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Oh my! What’s old is new again: #ReBirth for the IPad —…

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Is there a way to hide offline contacts on Skype 5 Beta for Mac? Oh wait, there’s “Available Contacts” window for that right? :)

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Yes, in ALL CAPS because it is a great post: “1.0 IS THE LONELIEST NUMBER” —…

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Upgraded my late 2007 MacBook to Snow Leopard. Upgrade freed 6 gigabytes on disk. Joy!

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I love the InDesign pasteboard. You can throw stuff around the page boundaries and _then_ bring order to that.

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Geeky: “CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript.” — http://jashkenas.github….

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So Craiglist is supposed to be well-designed? Heck, sometimes it would be useful to zoom on posting pictures—Unfortunately you can’t.

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How vintage! “Linotype: The Film” trailer —

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RT @panic: Coda 1.7 powers up code completion with the latest HTML5 tags, vendor-specific CSS, and more. Coda > Check for Updates! &l …

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Great article: “Art direction combines art and design to evoke a cultural and emotional reaction. ” —

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The video uses Aphex Twin’s “Flim” as soundtrack. How classy.

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“There’s no place for market research at Apple. (…) They know what’s good, and they’ll stick to their conviction” —

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jasonsantamaria Thankfully, @johnpavlus pens a smart response to @dylan20’s tripe over at the Atlantic:

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Finally, with the latest version 5 beta, the Skype UI for Mac makes sense. Thanks @Skype.

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lukew How deleting ONE input field in a form resulted in $12M in profit/year for Expedia: #webformdesign

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La grafica del programma mattutino (ah)iPiroso di La7 è solo vagamamente, e sottolineo vagamente, inspirata alla springboard dell’iPhone.

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Note how in the “Muji Calendar” app you actually *zoom in* (pinch) to switch from month, week and day views.

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Folletto Why should ebooks be limited to poor typography and design? Baker Framework for iPad is our HTML5 answer!

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