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ngw Wholeheartedly agree.
And @firefox ia great these days.
Omly problem it doesn’t work with Google hangouts. So I…mA

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Happy 2018: “Intel Claims Security Flaw Also Impacts Non-Intel Chips, Exploits Can’t Corrupt, Modify or Delete Data”…

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This week I’ve used to prototype a new web site. It was a smooth start. It is a really promising app!

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is frigging awesome. Big ups to Ron Gilbert and the crew!

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5 years ago this feature request appeared in the forum: “Scroll past image canvas”. Still waiting.…

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riffraff Retweet to keep the Internet free from censorship, slow speeds, and extra fees. @idltweets

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BellLabs BASIC computer language is 53 years old today. Retweet if BASIC was your first computer language?…mO

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John Romero: id Software Programming Principles…

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I’m writing “Mage City”: an RPG experiment with and .…

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Fantastic: “You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you” —

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Dan McKinley’s Choose Boring Technology…

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Liquidream SCUMM-8: my adventure game engine is OUT NOW! ☺️
What will you make? 😉…Bd

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Finally Safari 10.1 supports HTML5 input validation!

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petertgallagher Love this: Hertz on his discovery of radio waves: “It’s of no use whatsoever … just an experiment that proves…zj

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@passiomatic I don’t really need that List.singleton call. I’ve replaced by :: operator.

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My first List.foldl in language. And it works!

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Great talk: “We Will All Be Game Programmers” —

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