• I’ve made a wiki

    Introducing Bikini: an open-source, personal wiki application.

    During the past weeks I’ve designed and written Bikini, an open-source personal wiki web application. Bikini allows to quickly organize your ideas and notes using the typical conventions found in wikis. Motivation and design choices I’ve written Bikini mostly for myself but you might find useful too. The original requirement was a better way to [...]

  • Introducing Dagopocket

    Read the latest Dagospia headlines on your iPhone.

    Past and present Back in 2006 the site didn’t provide a feed for its headlines and so I thought it was a good idea to do some web scraping and produce a valid Atom 1.0 feed out of it. If you understand Italian you can still read the announcement. Finally, during the last year [...]

  • Taking the grids on the web

    Find out how to use them effectively: the Passiomatic use-case.

    Update Mar 7, 2010: Since I wrote this article the site has been redesigned. However, the 12 columns grid described is still in place, only sligthly tweaked to accomodate the new typographic choices. Typographic grids — or grids for short — in graphic design have been proved to be a phenomenal weapon in the hands [...]

  • The new Passiomatic has landed

    The site refresh adds a blog about design and removes some color.

    I’ve decided to go for a site redesign to bring on board a WordPress-powered blog. The blog will be about web, graphic, and interaction design. A new article will be published monthly when I have some time available. I’ve almost finished the first one, which will talk about typographic grids in web design. As you [...]